Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas All Of You

This Year I have collected more Christmas Music than I ever will get the time to listen to. The amount of files you can download has really grown (but if you only want one place I will recommend Ernie not Burt, what a collection!). Still, the most interesting music I find at flee markets, and this year there simply was no time for visiting such places. Even less time to transfer to mp3 (we have loads of records that I listen to but can't share with you, one is above). But maybe next year will be more relaxed since I just got a big grant for writing (I don't think anybody thought of Christmas Records when they gave me this award but never mind).
The annual Christmas Party at Club Sunkit was an ever greater success this year, people arrived early, many of them knew the lyrics of the songs and we continued for longer than we ususally do.
Merry Christmas All of You! See you next year!


Jimmy S. Windeskog said...

Tycker verkligen att du skall lyssna på Twisted Sisters rent makalöst dåliga julskiva de släppte i fjol.

Torde vara klipp och skuren för din julsamling.

Anna-Lena Lodenius said...

Är inte säker på att jag hört den, men det låter onekligen som något.