Sunday, December 10, 2006

Come Home for Christmas, Daddy

Today I will share a few tracks from the first album in my collection of Christmas Music. We had a Christmas Party and told everyone to bring their worst Christmas Records. This one was left behind (can you imagine?) and has for many years been a favourite amongs us. It's standard dance music from the seventies´. The cover is probably made by a pupil in a local school (wonder why, they sold a lot of these).
The first song is:
* Kom hem till jul,pappa (Come Home for Christmas, Daddy with Jigs, a sentimental song about how they are crying for daddy around the Christmas Tree.
The second song is:
* Jag önskar er alla en riktigt god jul (A Merry Christmas to All of You). The singer called himself Paul Paljett (paljett = sequin) as he wanted to be part of the era of Bowie-inspierad pop music with lots of glimmering details in scene costumes as well as in hair and faces (very modern at that time, but his music is not at all popmusic, as you can hear for yourselves).

Additional information for those that lives in Stockholm:
Our annual DJ-night at Club Sunkit will be Monday 18th of December at 8 pm, downstairs in the cellar at Bröderna Olsson, Folkungagatan, as usual. No entrance fee(but be there early, it usually gets crowded).

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What rare good luck! What happiness!