Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jingle Bells in 7 different versions

It seems to be more and more popular to collect many different versions of the same melodies. Jingle Bells must be the most common Christmas Song that ever was (Bjällerklang in Swedish). Here are a few Swedish versions, for your pleasure:

* Bjällerklang - Towa Carson(popular artist from early sixties)
* Jingle Bells - Danny's(traditional dance hall music from the seventies)
* Bjällerklang - Thore Skogman. For more information about this artist try here.
* Bjällerklang - Indiska(produced by a store selling clothes and other stuff from India)
* Jingle Bells - Loket (known mostly becouse he introduced a Bingo-competition in TV)
* Bjällerklang - Nils Kihlberg (old 78s-version)
* Bjällerklang - Harmony Sister(this one I shared already last year, they are from Finland, apparently)

The illustration is a post card, possible from the seventies


MHSpabelo said...

I've been enjoying your blog so much! Thank you!
I have been inspired to get my own blog further along, adding lots of Holiday music.

I hope it is okay that I linked to you-perhaps you will link to me.

Glade Jul,

MHSpabelo said...

I was so excited about it all that I forgot
The link to my blog is

Anna-Lena Lodenius said...

I visited your blog - havn't seen it before but there are some nice stuff. Naomi 9 years - is she the daughter or something (brings up bad memories of old violin lessons in schools, my daughters name is also Noomi - apparently, it's the swedish version of the same name)

Anonymous said...

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