Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Christmasparty at Club Sunkit

Some information for everyone in the Stockholm-area: The yearly Chrimastparty at Club Sunkit (Bröderna Olsson, Folkungagatan) will be Monday 17th of December. It starts at 8 pm, we will be playing music the first one or possible 2 hours (depending on the response and how eager Burt and Magnus are to get on with playing their music).

The day after, Tuesday 18th, I will talk about Christmas Records in Eftersnack, a local talkshow in stately television SVT2 (distributed locally in greater Stockholm area). I think it starts somewhere around 10 pm.

What could be a better choice if you want to celebrate that Christmas is approaching than showing a cover from a Christmas record with the German singer Heino (favourite all year around). Thanks to bizarrerecords.com.

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Trava said...

Well said.