Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Mix 2009

I promised to give you some examples from my Christmas Mix 2009:(The Swedish version of this list was published at Kulturbloggen.)

1) ”Bling, bling jul” with Dogge Doggelito, hip-hop and suburbs brings Christmas Joy. Listen at You Tube.
2) New for this year: ”En julsaga” is a Swedish version of Fairytale in New York with an odd couple, Lotta Engberg, singer and Bingo-hostess in television and well known actor Sven Wollter. Listen here.
3) ”I’m a Christmas Tree” with Wildman Fischer – 28 seconds with a man that got his first record produced by Frank Zappa. Live version here.
4) ”Bjällerklang” with Anna-Lisa Ingemansson must be the best version of Jingle Bell that ever was (vote and listen at Radio Östergötland).
5) ”Det var så länge länge sen” (It was long, long time ago) with Mats Hagberg Band is an odd song from Ljudolf Studio, they produced a Christmas Records even last years. A song that deals with the problem of too little fun and too little sex at Christmas. Listen at Ljudolf Studio.
6) ”Skinkan är för stor, morsan” (The Pork is too Big, mum) with Totte Wallin and Gunnar Svensson was never recorded, I got it from somebody that copied it from at TV-program. Everything is too big when it's Christmas, even the food.
7) “Mister Russian, Please Don't Shoot Down Santa's Sleigh” with The Sensational Little Shana Lynette takes us back to Cold War. Listen here.
8) ”Jag ger dig julen” (I give you my Christmas) is the closest you would get to a Swedish version of ”Do they know it’s Christmas” with Klasse Möllberg. (You might still find it in certain shops but I can't find at netshop that sells it.)

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