Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A new chance to listen to Thore Skogman this Christmas

People have already been asking me to repost my favourite Christmas Songs by Thore Skogman. And of course I will do so.

This is what I wrote last Christmas:
In the beginning of December this year we got to know that Thore Skogman is dead. Quite a big thing in Sweden, I don't think there is one single person that can not sing a couple of his songs. The absolute all time champion of fast singing and incredible strange lyrics. A fantastic productivity - he made something like 1 000 songs during his life.

Nobody could write songs about so many odd things as Thore Skogman. We will never forget his songs for advertisements for loafs of bread, learning how to swim, eating rotten fish (Surströmming, a Swedish speciality) etc. Some of the best, and sometimes neglected, ones are about Christmas.

The first one, that I shared already last year, is "Julen är här". It tells about how people are eating too much food and keeps the doctor busy. Kids are fighting about presents, grownups are arguing etc. A tragic event worthy a native of the country known for many suicides, a musical companion of Ingmar Bergman or maybe rather Lars Norén.

The last ones are short songs for dancing around a Christmas tree, he made small changes in the traditional lyrics. If you wonder why the pig starts to fight it's because he doesn't want to get into the car just before Christmas. But suddenly they managed to take him to the butcher after all, sings Thore Skogman as cheerful as ever. Cold ham is a version of Kalinka, the Russian song, Kalinka in Swedish is close to "kall skinka" = cold ham.

* Julen är här (Christmas is here)
* Klappa på (Knock on the door)
* Tomtens renar (Father Christmas Reindeers)
* Två små röda luvor (Two small red hats)
* Skära, skära grisen (Cutting ham)
* Kall skinka (Cold ham)
* Så går vi runt kring ett julgrislår (So we are walking around a pigs leg)
* Ritsch Ratsch (Impossible to translate)
* Hej alla svin (Hello all pigs)
* Grisen börja bråka (The pig started to fight)

Zipfile with all the songs: Some people have problems with downloading the songs one by one so I also made a zip-file with all the songs. It differs a little as I decided to include the full versions of a number of medleys.


Anonymous said...

Som jag har letat efter den här skivan! Men jag har problem att ladda ner. Det står att min download limit är nådd fast jag inte laddat ner nått. Skulle du kunna zipa hela skivan och lägga den på rapidshare eller megaupload så skulle det vara en välgärning för hela familjen. Topp!

Anna-Lena Lodenius said...

Detta är inte en skiva utan låtar från flera olika skivor, dessutom har jag styckat hans medleys i småportioner, egentligen ligger de en hel drös i rad på spår som är långa (har för mig att de kan vara bortåt 10 minuter). Men om jag hinner framöver ska jag försöka lösa det med en zipfil.

Anonymous said...

Toppen-tack för zipfilen!!!

Anna-Lena Lodenius said...

Det var så lite så, ska börja köra med zipfiler också.

Vaybs said...

Tusen hjertlig takk for sangene.
Di varmet selv et norskt hjerte til jul.
Dette er mitt favoritt juleminne fra jeg var liten, bestemors Skogman juleplate, men han hadde en dame med seg på den hun hadde, hvem var det, vet du det??
Har du den platen kanskje?

Mange takke klemmer fra Norge!!

Anna-Lena Lodenius said...

Hej, nej tyvärr vet jag inte vem det kan ha varit. Jag har två julskivor med Thore men han främträder själv, inte tillsammans med någon. Kul att du gillar Thore Skogman.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and this music. Although I am of Finnish descent, my grandmother claimed to be culturally Swedish. This music is wonderful- I am playing it for my family Christmas Eve.
Thank you.
Paul Parker

Anna-Lena Lodenius said...

Thank you!'
Unfortunately I still haven't got around to share any music at this blog this year, there has been so many other things (work etc).
But there are some new articles at least. Maybe you read Swedish if you are from Finland).

Anonymous said...

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