Monday, November 24, 2008

Celebrate Christmas with Snoddas

Today it's simply impossible to understand how somebody like Karl Gösta Nordgren, “Snoddas”, once could have such a tremendous success. Of course it was another time in the early fifties when everybody looked at the same TV-channel and most Swedes still lived in the countryside.

Karl Gösta Nordgren was born in December 1926 outside Bollnäs in Dalarna, he died suddenly in February 1981 only 54 years old. The nickname Snoddas refers to the fact that his father sold condoms, he was named Gummi-Kalle (gummi = rubber) and the son was named "gummisnodden" (rubber band) or Snoddas.

He was a rafter and played bandy in the local team in Bollnäs. His first legendary performance was in the famous TV-program “Hylands hörna” (Hylands corner) named after Lennart Hyland, a popular TV-personality in Sweden for decades. In this program he performed the song Flottarkärlek (Rafters love). That started a "Snoddas-fever" all over the country and Snoddas performed constantly for a long period of time. In every place he had to sing "Flottarkärlek" that is still the most well known of his recordings.

But Snoddas also made other records and some have a Christmas Theme. "Min barndomsjul" is a sentimental song about childhood and "God jul, ni svenska sjömän" is about Swedish seamen working far away and sending them wishes of a Merry Christmas. Enjoy!

Music Examples:
Min barndomsjul (My Childhood Christmas)
God jul, ni svenska sjömän (Merry Christmas Swedish Seamen)

Boths songs in one zip-file.


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