Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dances Around the Christmas Tree

Skansen in Stockholm is an open air-museum founded already in 1891 by Arthur Hazelius. The traditional Christmas has been celebrated here ever since and they have a nice Christmas Fair. When I was younger I used to work and sell things. It was nice but had the disadvantage that you needed to put traditional dresses on and they didn't really protect you from the cold. My memories are mainly that I was freezing all the time. Still it can be quite nice to come here for a visit some time in December.

The music I will share with you are from the 30ties of possible 40ties, I'm not sure. They are singing melodies for dances around the Christmas Three and the lead singer is Thor Modén, at that time a well known comedian appearing in many films. He performs together with Skansens womens choir. There are probably children dancing around the three as they are singing, that's the way it used to be.

The pictures shows a modern poster for Skansen, an old picture from Skansen in the 20ties and the third one, as you probably already guessed, is Thor Modén. There are many records with dances around the Christmas Tree but this is my all time favourite, it really puts me in the right Christmas mood.

Dans kring granen, part 1 (Dances around the Christmas Three)

Dans kring granen, part 2 (Dances around the Christmas Three)

Download the whole record in one zip-file.


mabooshi said...


I can't seem to fins the DOWNLOAD link when I click on the song titles? Any advice?


Anna-Lena Lodenius said...

I tried something new this year and apparently it didn't quite work out. If you hold on a few hours I try to zip the files and put out a new link. I will replace other links from this year as well.

Anonymous said...

Hello i'm new on your board but i cant read correctly a message. Bug in you site ? Thanks you

Anna-Lena Lodenius said...

No I don't thing so but the links doesn't work any more. Sorry for that.