Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas Everybody

The man on this cover once spent a long time in a hospital (for what reason I don’t know). He later decided to start and save up money for children without a home, as he knew what it was like to be longing for home. This EP was made to gather money; in one of the songs he sings that he wants to give all human beings a happier world. Quite an ambitious project.

This week we, me and my husband, was DJ:s as usual at the annual Christmas Party at Sunkit, a club for Incredible Strange Music in Stockholm. The website is all written in Swedish, but they just put up a new presentation in English, where you can also read about our annual contribution.
Last week I talked about my collection of Christmas Music in morning television, and this week I was talking in two different radio programmes (but then I got tiered of myself and cancelled a third programme). There is undoubtedly a growing interest for unusual Christmas Music.


savoadaki said...

Well here it is nearly the end of January 2006 and I have just found this blog, courtesy Martin Klasch site. Hope the entries will last a wwhile as I want to listen to them.
Hope to see you again next Christmas.

Savoadaki, from Canada

Muse said...

Hi there and Thanks for checking out the blog. BTW, unlike today, the soundtrack of SS that I have up is the whole 2 LP. They just made them shorter (lps) back then. Yes, it is a sign of the times! Nice blog too, wish I spoke the language to understand your other one! Cheers!

Anna-Lena Lodenius said...

Nice to see there are peole interested in Christmas Music all times of the year. I will try to put up expeired files again later this autumn. My blog is also in English. I present some of my strange findings, sometimes I even share music.