Thursday, December 27, 2012

Enjoy my lists with Christmas Music at Spotify!

Normally I will produce a large number of CD:s with Christmas Music that I share with close and distant friends in December. This Year I decided to try to share my music on Spotify, easier I figured. Of course it also means that some of the more unusual recordings that I have will not be found on these lists. But still I like  the feeling to be able to reach out to more people.

The first one includes some of the more odd stuff that I found out about throughout the years. There is a far better supply with American recordings compared to a small market as the Swedish, but the listeners might still find some pretty unusual songs from Sweden as well. Enjoy!

My Second List Consists only of Scandinavian Music, originally recorded on 78's. There are not that many of these recordings around on CD, I have more than you find at Spotify. But this is at least something, last year there were hardly anything. When I shared old Swedish Christmas Music I was in contact with  particularly Swedish-Americans and they really enjoyed it. It might possibly be exotic for others as well. At least you might find it interesting to hear the Christmas Standards in Swedish!
Old Swedish Christmas

Last I want to share a list with more harmonious music, folk, jazz and singer-song-writer, some are singing in Swedish, most of them in English. Not all songs are about Christmas, many are more about Winthertime in general, so the music will last a little longer.

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