Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas in the Wild West - again

This i one of my favourite Christmas Songs, I shared it before and the reason I write about i another time is becouse I found that someone tried to translate the lyrics, possibly a machine. However I am still trying to find the original song. I suppose this is an American song, but I simply can' find it. So anybody with information, please tell me!

Cacka Israelsson was one of the singers introducing Country Music to the Swedish Audience. There is a tribute to him on Facebook.

Here the lyrics in English - some parts are blurry and therefore there are some question marks:

Christmas in the Wild West
The winter night is dark and quiet
The moon is lighting up our journey
We're riding homewards, hey Ole Faithful
Soon we're at home by our hearth

The Christmas presents in the sack
I will put under the Christmas tree
Willy and Andy, Wild Bill ???
Are dancing like kind children

Giddy-up, Ole Faithful, this speed is not enough
See, fallen Christmas trees lie here
Increase the hunt, increase the pace if you can and want to
Before the rice grain porridge gets cold

I'm the Santa Claus of Kansas
And I play the violin
Hear them partying, hear them dancing
Hear them shooting with their pistols

We've arrived at the ranch
Ole Faithful's knocking on the door
Whinnying aghastly with ???
Opens up and lets us understand

White man with beard be welcome in house
Bring sack, leave horse outside
All to the table which is looking quite nice
Lutefisk and ham like it should be

Cowboys are riding to us from Lucky Lake and Forrest Hill
Trotting in the bleak winter night
Both Texas Jack and Wild Bill has arrived
They have all come here to celebrate Christmas

When we sit here by the porridge
We're the same old gang
We have such a nice time on our gatherings
Come sing along to our chorus

Everybody has received their Christmas presents
Andy got a new guitar
Bill got a jacket with shiny buttons
Willy got creaky boots

We're not going to hesitate
We tell Texas Jack that he should put
On his new bullet-proof shirt
So that we can see if it's good

Night is coming, we're slowly riding homewards
And we cowboys are talking and laughing
When each and everyone of us is trotting homewards
We take our leaves by swaying our hats

It's Christmas in the wild west
We've had a good time
Thus the horse and I say
Hi, friends and Merry Christmas

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