Wednesday, December 03, 2008

New information about the Christmas Party at Sunkit

Important information for those heading for the Christmas Party at Sunkit: The time is changed to Monday the 15th of December. The Christmas Music will start at 8 pm as usual and continues for an hour or two. Then the regular party is on until 1 am, same as usual. I suppose there will be ham and mustard, I will se if I can find the red hats but usually it gets too warm anyway. We have a lot of new music but we will also play all the old favourites.

I am not quite sure about the pictures but they are probably from Erik Brodin that uses to take pictures at Sunkit. I hope it's OK that I'm using them. If not, please tell me and I will remove them. Apart from me (hiding in the shadow back of the bar) and Per you can se Ahrvid, a regular at Sunkit, and Magnus, one of the DJ:s.

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