Friday, December 05, 2008

Klasse Möllberg brings back childhood memories

One of the most wicked Christmas Songs that I know of is "Nisses juljoddel" (A Christmas Gnomes Yodel). It was an instant success during the Christmas Party at Sunkit, it's a song that makes you smile and dance at the same time.

Klasse Möllberg is a multi talented person (Wikipedia for more information, all of this is in Swedish). Many children know him as "Banarne", regular partner of Trazan Apansson in Childrens programs and from "Electric Banana Band". It's impossible to translate but it a paraphrase of Tarzan, Trasan in Swedish means cloth. Banarne is supposed to be some kind of monkey; his name is combined of the Swedish word for banana and Arne, a common male name.

Klasse Möllberg also made a program for Children before Christmas 1992 and recorded the songs from the program, Klasses julkalender. There is a tradition in Sweden with a Christmas Calendar in radio and TV.

Listen to 3 songs from "Klasses julskiva":

* Nisses juljoddel (A Christmas Gnomes Yodel)

* Jul med Fantomen (Christmas with the Phantom)

* Snögubben är naken (The Snowman is naked)

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