Monday, November 20, 2006

Homesick Seamen at Christmas

There are plenty of Christmas songs about Seamen longing to go home for Christmas.In fact they had an entire Radio Show for those at Christmas Eve where they played all these songs and presented greetings from their relatives. Here are some of my favourites. "Jul i främmande hamn" has been recorded with several artist. Erik Källquist (on the picture) that is singing on this one was actually a hairdresser. But he recorded many records as well and performed all over the country. For many years he made an annual Christmas Record. Those that can understand Swedish might notice that the girls they are inviting for a Christmas party in this song most certainly are prostitutes.

"Jul ombord" with Harry Persson is my second choice. He was a stage performance artist, as you might tell from his way of singing. In this case they are not in a warm and sunny country but in the middle of the Atlantic Sea, and the wind is pulling their gloves (according to the song).

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