Thursday, November 09, 2006

Christmas in the Wild West

In the 50ties Sweden was still a country were most people lived in the countryside, farming, working with animals etc. So when country music was discovered we felt at home. Cacka Israelsson was probably the first artist trying to sing country music in Swedish. He was not very good at english, as you can hear when he tries to sing e g Emily Fords old songs (later I will upload Cool Water). But most of his songs were in Swedish,as this song about celebrating Christmas in the Wild West, "Jul i vilda västern".
(By the way, the old links below should work, so try to download again if you missed some of the tracks I shared last Christmas. If you tried a couple of days ago try again, I found a hopefully better solution this morning.).


Anonymous said...

Länken funkar inte!

Anna-Lena Lodenius said...

Nej tyvärr försvinner ju länkarna efter ett tag, om man inte har ett ständigt abonnemang, och det har inte jag. Numera gör jag mest Spotifylistor, se senaste inlägget. Men tyvärr finns inte Jul i Vilda Västern, egentligen konstigt för det finns mycket annat av Cacka Israelsson.