Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Songs about "The Smörgåsbord"

On this websajt I will present selections from my collection of Christmas Records. I will write about Christmas Music, show interesting covers and later on I might even present audio-files with music. This cover is one of my favourites. It is an EP from the early sixties with a wellknown Swedish artist (and a personal favourite): Thore Skogman. As you can tell from the cover the lyrics focuses on food. In one of the songs he sings about people that are eating so much that there are shuttletraffic to nearest hospital. Which I would say is not a very unlikely thing to happen during a Swedish Christmas Celebration. Our traditional Christmas food, the "Smörgåsbord", is rather fattening.
(EP "Klappa på", Odeon GEOS 198)

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