Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Discussion about Christmas Music i TV

This night I visited a TV-program to talk about Christmas Music. It's a local show distributed in the Stockholm area (similar programs are shown in other parts of the country as well).

I particularly liked that they showed some videos. Thore Skogman is singing "Klappa på" and the best of all: Don Bennechi and Angelique Widegren with "Jul i Gamla stan" (Christmas in Old Town) with big furcoats in a sleigh, artificial snow and smiling children. They were regular guests in TV-programs for a couple of years but disappeared suddenly after an internal conflict that ended with that she was put in jail for having somebody to get rid of him (the person she hired didn't suceed). He is apparently still an artist and was recently presenting a new single that I still haven't heard.

The program is in Swedish but I worth seeing for the musical parts, try the websajt for Swedish Television-program Eftersnack. The second half of the program is about Christmas Music.


Anonymous said...

And we loved having Anna-Lena as a guest in our show!/aina

Anonymous said...

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Rafael said...

And where's the link to download the album? :-/

Anna-Lena Lodenius said...

I am so sorry I can't share the video or the song, It's too new. I looked for i at You Tube but it wasn't there. Maybe I can do something about it later.