Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Welcome back in Christmas 2006

As some people seems to be worried about the lack of action on this blogg I might as well tell you all: I will provide you with more Christmas Records later on. But as the weather is getting warmer and we get summer at last in Sweden I will wait another few months.

Meanwhile I suggest you try my Summerblog instead with various findings of kitsch, weird pieces of handicraft, odd cookerybooks a.s.o. And Yes, there are some music too.

I would particularly recommend some old Scandinavian records from the 40ties, e.g. some of Zarah Leanders Swedish Recordings, pretty hard to find outside Sweden.

The picture is a detail from a cover with the band Vikingarna (The Wikings), one of Swedens most selling band in the field of popular dancehall music (not my piece of cake but I like the cover somehow).